Large Scale Capabilities

Existing plant is designed to annually produce 1.3 billion units in various Finished Dosage Forms of non β-Lactam, non-hormonal and non-cytotoxic categories.

GLATT Ingenieur-Technik GmbH

GLATT; the world wide leading Engineering Consultants are our partners who has provided:

  • Concept Design.
  • Basic Engineering Design.
  • Detailed Engineering Design.
  • Validation & Qualification.

Operational Capabilities

Pharmaceutical forms including:

  • Tablets:Coated & uncoated.
  • Capsules:Filled with powder, pellets and combination.
  • Liquids Oral:Syrups & Suspensions.
  • Semi Solids:Ointments / Creams / Gels.
  • Injections:Lyophilized vials and liquids
    Injectable vials.

Packaging capabilities including:

  • Packing of glass bottles.
  • Packing of HDPE bottles (oral liquids).
  • Products in Alu/Alu.
  • Products in Alu/PVDC blisters.
  • Semisolid products in Alu.
  • Semisolid products in poly-foil tubes.
  • Vial packaging.

Storage Facilities

AJA Pharma’s plant has got a huge storage capacity for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products at warehouses, which were successfully built, inspected and approved by all concerned authorities.


With best in class equipment, our plant is meeting the standards of modern day GMP; our site is compliant with SFDA, USFDA and EMA requirements.